TroubleShooter Products

TroubleShooter tools are hand-held imaging devices you can take to the machine to film a high speed video of process issues. TroubleShooter is your best friend when your product line is experiencing  issues and you want to diagnose problems correctly and target your actions to right area.

Grab it, go, take a video and analyze it from touchscreen or at your desk computer.

Product Features

  • Hand-held waterproof & compact design with 2 hour battery lifetime
  • Typical shutter speed 1/ 20 000 – 1/50 000 s
  • Image & video recording up to 1000 images / s
  • Touch-screen display for video review, video export to SD
  • Designed for troubleshooting process issues: For example Edge picking, water jet flow, tail threading, stock jump, wrinkling, nip loading, reel change, fast sequences, etc.

Technology specs

  • 5MP camera @ 179 frames /s, up to 600 images/s @ VGA
  • 200 000 lumen strobe light
  • Internal battery for 2 hours operation
  • 10″ TFT HD touchscreen
  • 128GB SD for video recording, export to external devices via SD card

TroubleShooter in work: