Ledbeast Lights

The largest performance gap in WBM systems is the light. Image quality is not sufficient to see holes, edge cuts, wrinkles, etc. – especially in the wet end areas.

Improving shutter speed is most critical and LedBeast strobe light is the key solution to it. 200 000 lumen light intensity will improve your camera system shutter speeds typically by >10 times, enabling good break detection analysis.

Product Features

  • 100% Compatible: Strobe & synch for all analog & digital camera systems
  • Results from following systems: Procemex, Papertech, Valmet PQV, Hilcont, IsraVision, dnaForesight, LSC
  • 20-40 x shutter speed improvement on analog camera systems
  • 5 – 20 x shutter speed improvement on digital camera systems
  • Cost-effective: New system image quality with minimal investment

Technology specs

  • 205 000 lumen light intensity
  • Tailored light distribution: Spot, diffuse, non-linear (for diagonal viewing), line (for narrow gaps like winder / center roll))
  • Shutter speed: Typically 1/10 000 – 1/20 000s
  • Compact AISI316 stainless steel housing: 20 x 25 cm, weight 3 kgs

Below are images of LedBeasts – new version and an older version installed on machine:

LedBeast project has been partly funded European Regional Development Fund and Leverage by EU project. LedBeast-valon tuotekehitys on Euroopan Aluekehitysrahaston ja “Vipuvoimaa EU:lta”-projektin rahoittama.