About Us

Mill Optics engineer team produces exciting & innovative solutions for process troubleshooting and optimization. Our team combines long term machine vision and paper process expertise with open minded curiosity of technology & life.

Result is genuine, care for customers and cutting-edge technical products made for your needs – we understand the daily grind & challenges of the production line and we’ll equip you with tools to tackle them with ease.

Mill Optics product portfolio helps you to troubleshoot and visualize process issues on paper machine and other industrial product lines:

TroubleShooter Unit

Handheld unit with high-speed camera, 200 000 lumen light and touchscreen. Grab&go, capture a video of the issue, troubleshoot&analyze.


Let there be light on extreme environments up to 130C. When temperatures approach 85C, DryerLed is just warming up. 14 000 lumen light intensity, over 6 year lifetime.

Machine Vision Solutions

Specialty image analysis applications. You have a need, we’ll build you a solution

LedBeast Strobe Lights

True Beast with 200 000 lumen intensity designed for WBM systems to improve image quality on break root-cause analysis.

WBM Camera Systems

New WBM systems, upgrades for hybdid solutions. We provide high image quality with very cost-effective price.

You are our best innovator & inspiration. Our company focuses on making your troubleshooting efforts easier. If you have an idea, let us know and we can turn it to a solution. Be happy, life is good.